Nomad Stories Panel - July 2020 - Recap

Watch Nomad Stories, a digital nomad panel created by Outsite.

Published on
July 22, 2020

Outsite regularly hosts Nomad Stories Panels. Our most recent took place in July 2020. Listen to the panel here, and find out how to get in touch with the speakers.

Topics of Discussion

🗺What prompted their desire for a location flexible lifestyle
💻What they do for work to maintain the lifestyle
🏡How coliving has played a role in their lifestyle
🌟Considerations: home base vs. no home base, work from home vs. nomadic
🔥Q&A time with the panelists

Meet the Panelists

Drew Sing
📍 Lisbon, Portugal
👨💻 Growth Product Manager, Auth0

Drew is a fully-remote Growth Product Manager who enjoys outdoor adventures, tasty local meals, and living simply. He's pursued #vanlife and explored North America in a van he outfitted while working full-time. Most recently, Drew has been working U.S. hours from Lisbon, Portugal since March 2020. He's the author of Work From Abroad, a book on how to successfully live and travel internationally during COVID-19 while attending to your remote full-time career.

Jordyn Kerr
📍 Lisbon, Portugal
👩💻 CEO & Founder, Creatively Wired Co.

Jordyn is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, writer, and travel addict. She's the Founder & CEO of Creatively Wired: a digital marketing agency that works with purpose-driven brands to grow their impact and drive consumers using storytelling and strategy. She's passionate about helping nonprofits and startups tell their story and do world-changing work. Originally from small-town Ohio, she now spends her year traveling the world and living a fully nomadic lifestyle. When she's not running her business, she can be found exploring whatever city she's in, hanging out with fellow expats, or enjoying a beachside cocktail.

Anna Polito
📍 Florida, U.S.
👩💻 Lead Designer, Digital Strategy Agency

Anna is a Visual Designer. She is currently a Lead Designer for a Digital Strategy Agency that partners with Airports. She is also co-founding Stork, a startup for a peer-to-peer marketplace built for travelers and patrons. While working full-time at her agency and building the UX/UI and brand for her startup, she travels and works remotely. Traveling has further fueled her inspiration for working on her startup as she discovers remarkable places and people along her journey. She is half Filipino and Italian. Anna was born in the Philippines, but was raised in a small beach town in Florida. Along with her creative passions, she cares about cultural diversity, community impact and human connection.

Moderator: Christina Wiese
📍Dallas, Texas

👩💻Head of Community and Events, Outsite
Christina helps organizations tell stories and build communities through events, experiences, and content development. She cut her teeth working on content marketing for the SXSW Film Festival before moving to California. In L.A., she worked as a digital strategist and writer for a boutique travel publishing company before finding a home on the Outsite team. When not in front of a laptop, you can usually find her hiking, swimming, and hammocking across the globe.

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