Freelance Writing and Online Personal Training with Zara Alexandra

Digital nomad Zara spends time between Australia and California, freelance writing and coaching individual clients.

Published on
April 15, 2020

The Essentials:

  • Hometown: Australia
  • Born in: 1989
  • Lifestyle: Hybrid
  • Projects: Trainer, Writer, and Actor
  • Industry: Health & Fitness

My Background

'I grew up in the beachside suburbs of Sydney, Australia. I had major life changes in all areas of my life pre-pandemic, late last year. Both personally and professionally, all these unexpected changes happened so quickly within the space of a few months so, I made a decision to book a one way ticket, quit my full-time job and leave Australia. Within two weeks of that decision I landed in Los Angeles - this was in February this year. The last five years have been some of the most challenging in every sense; however, with that came so much growth in all areas. I have been a Personal and Group Exercise Trainer for more than five years working in several gyms such as UFC and for a local government. I also worked as a copywriter for an integrated marketing and advertising agency after graduating University with a degree in journalism under my belt. Now I have managed to combine all my areas of expertise and write for an Australian publication online and print in their Health and Wellness section. I'm continuing to design lifestyle programs for my clients around the world, too.

While writing and working with clients, I have also worked as an actor. This is a long term love of mine. My most recent gig was in The Invisible Man, opposite Elizabeth Moss! There's a lot going on, but this is what makes my world so creative and exciting.'

Current Projects

'I write articles in health and well-being section of an Australian publication - I've just finished writing a piece on 'How to stay active while social distancing.'. This will be out in print and online in May's issue of The Law Society Journal. I have a fun article out now 'Beat your best with great beats', where I share the science behind the endorphin boosting power of music on your training regime.

During this time in lockdown, I am also training clients from abroad keeping them motivated via weekly ritual planning and making sure they are on track with movement, well-being, health and productivity goals that are set out for them each week.

I am currently volunteering my services to my friends and family to help keep them moving, motivated and healthy until we emerge out the other end of COVID-19. I organise people's Monday to Fridays in 1 on 1 Mind-Move-Eat Bootcamps. I advise, plan and organise clients routines, ensuring they are adhering to a daily schedule that incorporates rituals around Movement, Meals, Mindfulness/Wellness, and Goal/Intention setting in their workdays.

My advice for now is to plan out each day from the night before and keep it simple. Plan a routine that involves rituals around movement, food, wellness, sleep, work and play.'

What's next for me?

'I am currently transitioning and adapting my training and sessions that I delivered in person one-on-one (pre-lockdown) now via online content and in group workshops. I am currently working on building an online presence via blog, social media and website tailored around my services.

I'm looking to connect with motivated people that I can collaborate with in health and wellness areas to produce engaging, creative, yet informative content. I'm also looking to connect with people that can help me grow professionally from a business strategy / online service delivery POV.

I love connecting with people who have stories, info, ideas, tools, tips that they've come across that have helped them in any capacity, whether it be in personal growth, wellness, health, fitness, creativity or in business.'

My Outsite Experience

'I don't know if I am just lucky; however, for me, I am all about having a tribe of people around me. I am very grateful for the different people I have encountered via Outsite here in Venice, California. They are from all walks of life and cultures each of whom brings their various skills, talents knowledge and life stories.  I have met yoga teachers, UX designers, coffee distributors, musicians, writers, software and app developers, organic food importers, sports journalists, sex therapists, advertising and marketing consultants, photographers - you name it!

Here in Venice, it feels like a community, and that's what's most important to me or any nomadic worker I have met who is far from their home. I have made friends here that have helped me grow in a personal and professional sense, i.e. whether it be helping me build a website, brainstorming and bouncing ideas around or cranio-sacral healing sessions.

The community here in Venice also comes down to our awesome community manager. Navah does a great job of connecting us all, especially during this time.

I have stayed at Pacific House (it is so close to the beach which is why I loved it so much).  Now, I am staying at Glyndon house, which is a space that feels a lot like home. It has the best back yard and sun deck but more importantly for me, the gym studio and kitchen.

I am all about live, work, play. Outsite advocates for a well-balanced lifestyle which, is what I am about, what I advocate for and help people within the work I do.'

What's got me excited right now...

'1. The skateboard I bought from Arbor in Venice Beach 2 months ago. Check out my Instagram 'Skateboard' highlights.  Skating is the most enjoyable activity I do. It gets me moving, I get to experience the streets of LA differently, and there's so much freedom in it.

2. Creating and discovering music playlist vibes on Spotify. I like to theme my daily activities from time to time with Spotify playlists.

3. Watching Claire Saffitz's cooking show segment on Bon Appetit's Youtube channel where she is tasked with recreating a better and healthier(-ish) versions of famous American treats and snacks from scratch! Check out the Starburst, Twix, Doritos or Hot Pockets episodes.'

Get In Touch

Connect on Instagram @zaraalexandra, LinkedIn, Email, or check out Zara's website.

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