Digital Nomad Guide to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The ultimate digital nomad guide to Santa Teresa, inc. where to stay, coworking spaces, coffee shops, and Wifi speeds in Santa Teresa.

Published on
September 12, 2020

Considering a trip to Santa Teresa? Here are the best places to stay for digital nomads, coffee shops, coworking spaces and things to do in Santa Teresa.

Is it easy to work remotely from Costa Rica?

Yes, it's increasingly popular thanks to the U.S friendly timezone, good weather and good amenities.

Where to stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Most accommodation is located on the beach road, that stretches from the south (near Carmen), beyond Santa Teresa, and into Hermosa Cóbano. Outsite has three spaces here. Outsite Santa Teresa Playa is situated on the beach road, just 2 minutes from the beach. Outsite Santa Teresa is located on Calle Colibri, just off Playa Santa Teresa. You can either stay in a shared luxury villa, or rent your own apartment in Santa Teresa.

Best beaches in Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa

This is the closest beach to Outsite. It's a vast expanse of white sand, fringed by lush bushland. You'll find beach bars, surf schools and plenty of locals laying down their towels nearby. It's only recommended for swimming if you're a competent swimmer.

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is another popular surf beach, it's a 20 minute walk south of Playa Santa Teresa. Similarly, swimming is not recommended here.

Playa Hermosa

This is a more remote beach north of Santa Teresa, and it's the best beach in Santa Teresa for swimming. The smaller swells here also lend themselves well to paddle boarding.

Need more info? Check out this local guide to the beaches in Santa Teresa.

Digital nomad communities in Santa Teresa 

There is a digital nomad community in Santa Teresa, but it's certainly quieter than Jaco or Puerto Viejo. There is no established coworking space there, which deters many nomads from making the trip. When you become a Member of Outsite, you'll have access to a local WhatsApp group in Santa Teresa. You can also use Nomad List or Facebook Groups to find other digital nomads living in Costa Rica.

Coworking Spaces in Santa Teresa

Each Outsite location is equipped with a dedicated workspace - you can choose from Maramar, the Bungalows, or Santa Teresa Playa. There are also 2 Selina hostels in Santa Teresa, a coliving house called Torito's Guest House, and Aire Eco Cowork.

What’s the Wifi like in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica? 

Santa Teresa is equipped with glass fibre cables, and you can reach speeds of up to 100mbps. The speed in Outsite Costa Rica consistently reaches 75mbps. During rainy season, there are sometimes power outages - make sure to factor this in if you're considering working from Costa Rica.

Is it easy to get cash out in Santa Teresa? Do the stores accept card?

Post-Covid, most stores and restaurants here accept card. It's also easy to withdraw both USD and colones (the local currency).

Best coffee shops with Wifi in Santa Teresa

  • Cafca
    Cafca is a beautiful spot for breakfast or coffee. They have a menu of smoothie bowls, toasts, sandwiches and sweet treats. Cafca does have Wifi, but you might be fighting for elbow room with those feasting on brunch.
  • Cafe Social
    Cafe Social has a relaxed vibe, and some of the best coffee in Santa Teresa. Like Cafca, this is also a great spot for breakfast.
  • Zwart Art Cafe
    Zwart is in between an artists studio, a gallery, a cafe and a small workspace. The owner is usually around, and it's a great place to meet other people living in Santa Teresa.
  • Ani's Bowls
    A cafe that serves breakfast, salads, baked goods, sweet and savoury bowls as well as coffee and smoothies. This spot is normally busy - have your laptop charged.
  • El Patio
    Vermu is a breakfast and lunch cafe serving healthy plates with plenty of vegan, and gluten free options available. It's a cute spot, surrounded by greenery.

Things to do in Santa Teresa  

  • Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais
    Surf culture is prevalent throughout Santa Teresa, there are multiple surf schools for catching waves along Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen. La Lora, further north, has a rock-free shore break, and hosts surf competitions throughout the year too.
  • Hikes close to Santa Teresa
    Costa Rica's lush green rainforests make for humid hiking grounds. Montezuma Falls and Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve have plenty of trails, and pools to cool off post-hike. You will need a car to reach both of these spots. If you need help renting an ATV, Outsite can organize this for you.
  • Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Boarding
    These activities go hand-in-hand with surfing - check out our recommendations for yoga studios below. Alternatively, head to Playa Santa Teresa and ask one of the local schools about renting SUP boards. Rentals start at $25 for a half day.

Gyms and yoga studios in Santa Teresa

Shopping and groceries in Santa Teresa

Grocery Stores

  • Super La Hacienda
    Super La Hacienda is a small supermarket, 300 metres north of Calle Colibri and Outsite. They stock groceries, meats, gluten free products, and alcohol.
  • Super Ronny's
    Ronny's is an affordable supermarket selling a variety of Costa Rican and American products. This is further south, and it's best to have a car or ATV to get back if you're stocking up on groceries.

Health Food Stores

  • Green World Store
    GWS stock organic fruit and vegetables, supplements and superfood style products.
  • Alma Frutal
    Looking for 100% peanut butter? This is the spot. It's a small store offering trail mix, dried fruit and healthy snacks.

Ready to book? Outsite offers discounts on 30+ day stays, and you'll be instantly connected with the digital nomad community in Santa Teresa. Book your stay with us in Santa Teresa today.

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