Digital Nomad Guide to Mexico City

The best coffee shops, coworking spots, gyms, yoga studios and places to live and stay in Mexico City.

Published on
February 4, 2021

Mexico City is an excellent place for remote workers. Here's our guide to finding coworking, coffee shops, Wifi and what to do when staying in Mexico City.

Where to stay in Mexico City

Colonia Nápoles

This is an understated, safe and relaxed neighborhood, best known for it's Revival Style architecture.


Condesa is a hit with digital nomads for it's many laptop-friendly cafes. This neighborhood is also known for Art Deco style architecture, and Parque México.


Although Roma was devastated in the 1985 earthquake, it's recently been rejuvenated - and has become more and more 'hipster' in recent years. This is where to go for the best bars and nightlife.

Centro Histórico

Unsurprisingly, Mexico City's historic center is consistently busy, but this is well worth a look. Bellas Artes and the zocalo have some of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Getting Around Mexico City

Walking around Mexico City

You can easily walk around most neighborhoods in Mexico City, and it's generally safe. However, if you're exploring the historic center be aware of pick pockets and petty theft. It's not advisable to walk around alone after dark.

Driving/Cycling in Mexico City

Cycling is a great way to explore Mexico City, and you can easily drive around the city too.

Uber in Mexico City

Uber is popular and widely used in Mexico City.

Digital nomad and startup communities in Mexico City

There are plenty of remote workers in CDMX - you're using the local coffee shops and coworking spaces By staying in Outsite Mexico City, you're immediately connected with other travelers through the WhatsApp Group.

Coworking Spaces in Mexico City

Mexico City has more than 15 different coworking spaces, used by both locals and digital nomads. You can find everything from a WeWork corporate room, to a small, independently owned office space.

Impact Hub

The internationally known chain of coworking spaces Impact Hub have their base in Roma Norte.

W1 Coworking

W1 have 2 offices close to Outsite Colonia Nápoles.

Colmena Creativa

A homely coworking space in the Anzures District.

Homework Chapultec

This is a favorite with young Mexican entrepreneurs, making it a great place to be if you're looking for local connections.

Coffee shops in Mexico City

Cafes with WiFi in Mexico City

Cardinal Casa de Café

Cardinal is a great place to sit and work for a few hours. Check out the espresso-based menu, and their pastries.

Blend Station

Blend Station is one of the most popular places for remote workers in Mexico City, so make sure to arrive early if you want a seat. They also have a light and healthy lunch menu.

Boicot Cafe

This is a chilled out space serving coffee, tea and matcha until 10PM.

Dosis Cafe

Like Blend, Dosis is extremely popular for setting up with your laptop for a few hours.

Gyms and yoga studios in Mexico City

Mexico City has a great health and fitness culture, it's normal to see runners, walkers, and cyclists around the city. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to workout classes and gyms, too.

F45 Condesa

The HIIT classes have reached Mexico City - at the time of writing, they offer a 1 week free trial.

Olympica CrossFit

A friendly CrossFit box, located close to Nápoles.

Bala Roma

Bala is a chic boxing gym in Roma, offering classes throughout the week.

UnderCover 400 Gym Condesa

UnderCover is a CrossFit box meets boxing gym in Condesa, run by a small team.

Groceries and shopping in Mexico City

Farmers Markets

Mercado el 100 takes place every Sunday in Roma, featuring food and produce from 50+ local creators and farmers.

Grocery Stores

There are plenty of grocery stores, delis and health food shops in Mexico City. Check out Superama in Colonia Nápoles fo rbasic fruit, veg, meat and grocery needs. For speciality ingredients, Condesa Hipodromó has a number of delicatessens - check out Olio Fino for olive oils and Cremerias y Salchichonerias Delicatessen La Reyna for dried meats and cheeses.

Looking for a place to stay in Mexico City? Check out Outsite Colonia Nápoles or go further afield in Mexico with the Outsite Digital Nomad Guide to Los Cabos.

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