Digital Nomad Guide to Manhattan

Check out the best places to stay, coworking spaces and communities to get involved with in Manhattan.

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May 20, 2022
Imagine New York City, and you will likely think of the luxury high-rises, world-class art galleries, and bustling brownstone laden streets that weave through Manhattan. Home to some of the city's major claims to fame, it attracts travelers from all over. Its inspiring energy paired with its abundance of resources available for digital nomads has led it to become a hot spot for digital nomads.

Where to stay in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of New York City's 5 boroughs. It's divided into 3 areas: Uptown, Midtown, and Lower. Within these areas, you'll find some of the coolest places to call home during your time in the city.


This is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Manhattan, and it lies just north of Central Park. Here you'll find no shortage of green spaces, upscale restaurants and, luxury hotels, and designer boutiques.


Bustling Midtown is home to Times Square, Broadway, and Rockafeller Center. It's lively and vibrant, and one of the world's most iconic areas. This is where Outsite Midtown is located.


Chelsea lies within Midtown, and is one of Manhattan's most popular neighborhoods, and for good reason. It's known as the art hub of the city with museums and charm galore. Its beautiful architecture, creative energy, and incredible restaurants draw both residents and tourists in. Chelsea also happens to be where you'll find our latest NYC addition, Outsite Chelsea.


Famous for Wall Street and its historic and world famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan is another exciting area. It's also great for shopping and dining in some of Manhattan's trendiest stores and restaurants.


Known for its trendy shops and restaurants, you'll also find the Guggenheim and Whitney Museum of American Art. You'll find lots of artist's lofts and galleries here, as well as a multitude of boutique shops and hotels.

Greenwich Village

Laidback and historic Greenwich boasts some of Manhattan's famous landmarks such as the New York Public Library and the Guggenheim Museum. There's always plenty to here. Enjoy live performances at Washington Square Park, catch a comedy show, or meander the charming streets.

Getting around Manhattan 


Manhattan is very walkable, with most of the top attractions within walking distance.


The New York City subway system makes it easy to explore different neighborhoods and boroughs without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic. To ride the subway, you’ll need to purchase a Metro card first. From there, you can add specific amounts, or purchase a single ride, 7-day pass, or 30-day pass.

Perhaps the easiest way to get around the city, The New York City subway trains run 24 hours a day. Purchase a Metro card and add your desired amount, or purchase a single ride, 7-day pass, or 30-day pass.


Another great way to see the city is through the Citibike bike share program. Pass options include 30-minutes, Day Pass, 3-Day Pass, and Annual Pass. Download the Citibike App to your phone to use.

Uber or Lyft in Manhattan

Using rideshare apps is a great way to get around New York conveniently and safely. You’re likely to get an Uber or Lyft easily within a few minutes, and they’ll take you anywhere. 

Digital nomad and startup communities in Manhattan

Manhattan has attracted entrepreneurs, artists, retailers, and freelancers from all over. Some of the world's biggest and most important companies are based here (think: Apple, Google, the New York Times, IBM, and more). Spanning over an array of neighborhoods, each with its own vibe, you'll find entrepreneurial spirits taking many shapes. Chelsea, for example, is the city's art district and draws in writers, artists, and graphic designers. Midtown is an especially exciting place for those in media or tech. Connecting and networking in Manhattan is made easy by joining one of the local Meet Up Groups, joining a coworking space, or joining the Outsite Community. Our spaces in Manhattan have local WhatsApp Groups, perfect for meeting other locals.

Best Coffee Shops with WiFi in Manhattan

Variety Coffee Roasters
They have four locations strung throughout the city, but stop by their Chelsea or Upper East Side locations for fast WiFi, a cup of coffee, and a pastry.

Perk Kafe
This cozy coffee joint on the Upper East Side is a great option for posting up for a while with your laptop. There's a communal table, fast WiFi, coffee, and donuts.

Think Coffee
Located in Greenwich, this space is popular but there's sufficient seating. They also sell their own coffee, each bag funding a project that benefits the farming community. sandwiches & baked goods served in a laid-back East Village setting. Spacious, power outlets are available.

Coworking in Manhattan

Outsite Chelsea and Outsite Midtown both have dedicated work-ready areas available to guests.

The Farm SoHo
This renovated old barn is bright and spacious. It's open 24/7 for members.

Gyms and yoga studios in Manhattan

Blink Fitness
There are multiple Blink Fitness gyms around Manhattan. Blink typically has free weights, cardio rooms, and small lockers.

Tone House
An independent gym in Murray Hill, Manhattan, known for HIIT classes and a friendly vibe.

mang'Oh Yoga

A small, friendly yoga studio offering vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga classes in Murray Hill.

Hot Yoga Chelsea
This spacious hot yoga studio in the Flatiron district offers Bikram-inspired classes as well as vinyasa and HIIT classes.

Grocery stores and farmers markets in Manhattan

You'll find multiple Traders Joes and Wholefoods available in Manhattan. Some of the best known farmers markets include Union Square Greenmarket, Inwood Greenmarket, and Chelsea Farmers Market.

Looking for a place to stay in Manhattan? Check out Outsite Chelsea and Outsite Midtown.

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