Digital Nomad Guide to Encinitas, San Diego

A remote worker's guide to Encinitas, including where to stay, start-ups, communities and coworking options.

Published on
December 23, 2020

Encinitas is one of the best surf towns in the United States, and the slow pace of living allows residents to lean into SoCal's outdoor lifestyle scene. It's an easy place to work remotely for a few months, especially if you're using Outsite.

Where to stay in Encinitas, San Diego

Encinitas is the ultimate Southern California surf town, sprinkled with healthy cafes, surf breaks and independent stores. Encinitas is north of San Diego. If you move further north past Encinitas, you'll enter Carlsbad and Oceanside.

Downtown Encinitas

Downtown Encinitas is where you can find most of the restaurants, stores, gyms and fitness studios in Encinitas.


Leucadia is a neighborhood further north of Downtown, best known for surfing and small businesses. This is also where you can find Outsite.

Carlsbad & Oceanside

Carlsbad and Oceanside are similar surf neighborhoods, north of Leucadia.

Getting Around Encinitas, San Diego

Driving/Cycling in Encinitas

The best way to get around Encinitas is driving, or cycling - especially if you're carrying a surf board or going to and from the beaches.

Uber/Lyft in Encinitas

Uber and Lyft are widely available here.

Digital nomad and startup communities in Encinitas

There are strong freelance, remote and startup communities in downtown San Diego - Meet Up Groups are a popular way to meet other freelancers. Outsite San Diego has a local WhatsApp Group to help connect you to other remote workers in Encinitas.

Coworking Spaces in Encinitas


With a view of the Pacific Ocean, coworking doesn't get much better than this. Coworking is included with any stay booked at Outsite San Diego, day passes are not available.

Corah Coworking

Corah is a small community workspace, located in Leucadia.

Union Cowork

Union Cowork is an office space in downtown Encinitas, just a few minutes walk from Moonlight Beach.

Startups in San Diego

Marijuana Company of America

First founded in 2015, the Marijuana Company of America helps create and distribute cannabis based products for recreational and medicinal use.


ClickUp compiles all team documents, projects and emails into one place - this productivity tool is based in San Diego.


This is one of the fastest growing hospitality software suites. More than 20,000 accommodation providers use Cloudbeds. The team is spread across 40 countries, but their home base is San Diego.

Coffee shops with WiFi in San Diego

Better Buzz

Better Buzz is one of the most popular coworking cafes in Encinitas, located downtown.

Coffee Coffee

Coffee Coffee is a quaint coffee shop in Encinitas, nestled between surf shops and murals.


This is a unique coffee shop on the 101 - it's in a converted railroad station. They have a full menu of coffee drinks and hot meals.

Gyms and yoga studios in Encinitas

As with the rest of California, Encinitas has a healthy community - it's easy to find yoga, HIIT, CrossFit or personal trainers off Highway 101.

F45 Encinitas

A standard F45 gym, offering HIIT and Strength classes.

Encinitas Boxing

Boxing and fitness classes for all abilities.

Four Moons Spa

Small boutique spa that offers daily outdoor yoga and fitness classes at a variety of levels and intensities.

Bliss Yoga

An independently owned yoga studio, located in Encinitas.

Corepower Yoga

Corepower offers vinyasa, hatha and power yoga classes in Encinitas.

Groceries and shopping in Encinitas

Farmers Markets

Leucadia Farmers Market is great for picking up organic produce, and locally sourced treats.

Grocery Stores

Lazy Acres and Vons are located in downtown Encinitas, and Just Peachy is in Leucadia.

Surf breaks in Encinitas


Grandview is one of the best breaks in Encinitas, with all types of waves for every different ability. It's also in walking distance of Outsite San Diego.


This is a great place to hang out and people watch, as well as surf. It's a popular break, best for long boarding. Head around sunset to see musicians, slack liners and yogis hang out on the beach.


This break is in South Carlsbad - it hasn't always been a sweet surf spot, but the recently constructed jetties in the lagoon have created consistent year-round surf breaks.

Looking for a place to stay in Encinitas? Check out Outsite San Diego.

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