Digital Nomad Guide to Bordeaux, France

Coliving, coworking spaces, coffee shops with Wifi and where to stay in Bordeaux.

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December 6, 2022
Planning a trip to the Bordeaux while working remotely? This beautiful part of France is the perfect spot for digital nomads keen on French cuisine and wine. Here are our top recommendations for staying in Bordeaux as a digital nomad.

Best areas to stay in Bordeaux


The centre of Bordeaux is a great place to start your trip, with architecture dating back to the 15th century.

Saint-Michel & Capucins - Victoire

This area is south of Bordeaux's centre, lined with bakeries, artisanal food stores and cafes. There's a relaxed nightlife scene, and you can easily reach the riverside promenade from here too. This is also home to Bordeaux's biggest and best market, Marché Royal, and Outsite Bordeaux - a coliving space for digital nomads.

Bassins à Flot

This area is north of the centre, and while the achitecture isn't as grand as that found in Saint Michel or the center, this is where you can find the La Cité du Vin - a site dedicated to Bodeaux's wine history.

Digital nomad communities in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is slowly becoming more popular with remote workers. Okiwi is a developer community based in the city, you can also find Facebook Groups for networrking with other nomads. Alternatively, book into Outsite Bordeaux so you can get connected with the local community as soon as you land - all guests are added into a WhatsApp group on arrival.

Coworking spaces in Bordeaux

There are a few coworking spaces where you can meet fellow Bordeaux digital nomads and remote workers.

Outsite Bordeaux

Outsite Bordeaux is a coliving space in Saint-Michel, Bordeaux. Your Wifi, workspace and community events are included when you book.


This is a beautifully furnished workspace with plenty of light, plants and views of the city.


An easy coworking space in the center of Bordeaux


A light and spacious shared office in Saint-Michel, Bordeaux.

Le Node

This is one of the oldest coworking spots in Bordeaux. It's a friendly, collaborative space in Saint-Michel.

What's the Wifi like in Bordeaux?

In Bordeaux, it's easy to find high-speed WiFi. Wifi is regularly available throughout the city, and it's easy to purchase an esim for constant 4G data.

Best cafes with WiFi in Bordeaux

Note: When looking for cafés in France, it's not common for all venues to have free Wifi and power outlets. Make sure to ask when you enter.

  • Black List Café
    This cafe with unlimited WiFi and plentiful breakfast options is perfect to spend the day working at. Black List is a popular brunch spot and will be quite busy on the weekends, but it’s calmer and better suited for remote workers on the weekdays.
  • Anticafé Bordeaux
    Anticafé is a popular branch of workspaces in France. Instead of paying for food and drink, you will pay for your time there, and drinks are included.
  • Books & Coffee
    Books & Coffee is open from 8AM, until 10PM - a rarity for coffee shops with Wifi in France. Of courrse, they have a book shop on-site, Wifi, and ambient atmosphere.

Day trips from Bordeaux

  • Saint Emilion & Medoc
    You must check out this area when in Bordeaux. Saint Emilion (St Emilion) is known for its abundant vineyards, and it's listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is easily done on a day trip from the center via Airbnb Experience or tour operator.
  • Biarritz
    There are regular trains between Bordeaux and Biarritz. Biarritz is a beautiful beach city, full of small boutiques, cafes, and known for it's world class surfing.
  • Arcachon Bay
    Get to the beach in just 50 minutes from the center of Bordeaux. Arcachon Bay is known for it's oysters and cozy small bars - make sure to spend a full day here, and bring your bathers too.
  • Explore Surrounding French Basque Country Cities & Villages
    French Basque Country has so many beautiful spots to visit. It’s easy to get around by bus or train to these surrounding areas, so pack your bag and choose your destination. Some great options are Bayonne, the charming capital of the French Basque Country, Saint-Jean-De-Luz, a beautiful fishing port city, and Anglet, which has 11 beaches and is often called “Little California.”

The Best Surf Spots near Bordeaux


Lacanau is an hour away from Bordeaux - the swell here isn't as big as other areas in the Basque region, but it's easy to get to and there are suurf shops to rent from on the beach.

Cote des Basques

This legendary surf spot is noted as the birthplace of surfing in France. It's one of the most well-known spots around, and its beautiful views of the Villa Belza and Spanish Coast are reason enough to head here.  

Gyms and yoga studios in Bordeaux


  • Magic Form
    This top rated gym is complete with classes, spin bikes and a well equipped weights room.
  • CrossFit 197 Bordeaux
    This is one of the best gyms in Bordeaux for CrossFit/HIIT style classes.
  • Yoga Gaïa
    This studio offers a wide variety of yoga, tai chi, pilates, meditation & more classes.
  • Bikram Yoga Bordeaux
    This boutique space is beautiful and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Shopping and groceries in Bordeaux

Grocery stores

Carrefour is the most convenient and common supermarket in Bordeaux. If you'd prefer a more traditional shopping experience, head to Marche des Capucins for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and dried foods.

Health food stores

Bio c'Bon Bordeaux stock organic produce, herbal teas, essential oils, palo santo, and more supplements if you're looking for healthfood products in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux FAQs

Digital Nomad Visas for France

For US citizens, no visa is required for stays under 90 days. For Europeans, France is part of The Schengen Area, making it extra simple for citizens from Schengen Area counties to travel to France. Read more about digital nomad visas here.

Getting Around Bordeaux

Luckily for Biarritz digital nomads, the city is compact and easy to navigate by foot or on bike. If you need to go a little further than walking distance, there’s a reliable public transport network. Bordeaux has both Uber and taxis.

Looking for a place to stay in Bordeaux, France? Check out Outsite Bordeaux, available for short and long-term rentals.

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