Digital Nomad Guide to Barbados

The ultimate digital nomad guide to Barbados including where to stay, coworking spaces, coffee shops and visas.

Published on
October 30, 2020

Considering a trip to Barbados? This is a great place for digital nomads, especially as they have recently introduced their digital nomad visa. Here are the best places to stay, coffee shops, coworking spaces and things to do in Barbados.

Arriving in Barbados during COVID-19

There is a 2 day quarantine for travelers arriving onto the island. Outsite Member Christian said this of his Barbados quarantine experience: 'Just arrived in Outsite Barbados, from Switzerland a few days ago. Also completed the quarantine process on arrival. They asked me to present my negative test before the flight and upon arrival, all smooth sailing. We then checked into our quarantine hotel for the mandatory quarantine (we can recommend Butterfly Hotel - you can actually go out to designated spaces in the hotel so it's actually quite nice) . We then did the local test the next morning (private test gets you faster results) and got the second test results the day after. With that, we were already free to go after 2 nights in the 'quarantine' and am now working on the balcony with ocean view!'.

View all official travel advice for Outsite locations here.

Where to stay in Barbados 


Bathsheba is largely comprised of smaller, local villages and surf hang outs. This is on the eastern side of the island.

Platinum Coast

This refers to the resort-laden west coast of the island, known for it's beautiful hotels and beach clubs.


A small active fishing town in the south of the island, best known for their fish fry.


The capital of Barbados is a great place to stay if you'd like to learn more about the history of Barbados, and have a number of dive sites on your doorstep.

Digital nomad communities in Barbados 

Barbados hasn't always been on the radar for digital nomads, but due to COVID travel restrictions and the introduction of the Barbados Welcome Stamp, it's becoming more of a viable option. The island also works on Atlantic Standard time, which works well for U.S and European timezones. Check out the stats on living in Barbados on Nomad List.

Coworking spaces in Barbados

There are a handful of coworking spaces in Barbados. Barbados Pop Up Cowork is a new project from the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, converting one of their spaces into an open office space. Ten Habitat used to be one of the biggest coworking spaces in Bridgetown, however they are currently closed due to COVID.

What’s the Wifi like in Barbados? 

You can get fiber optic WiFi in Barbados. Fast WiFi is included as part of your stay in Outsite. If you're in an AirBnb, ask for a Speedtest to make sure it's up to speed.

Best cafes to work from in Barbados

Coffee shops with Wifi in Barbados 

Things to do in Barbados

  • Visit Bridgetown
    Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, located on the south west corner of the island. This city is steeped in British colonial history, if you'd like to further understand the roots of Barbados the museum and the 17th Century garrison are great places to start.
  • Surf
    This is one of Kelly Slater's favorite places to surf. See what all the fuss is about with a trip down the east coast.
  • Oistins Fish Fry
    Oistins is an active fishing town, south of Bridgetown. The fish fry is well loved by locals and travelers - dress down, and head around 7PM to avoid a long wait. 8PM is when the crowds start to roll in.
  • Night out in St Laurence Gap
    This neighborhood is the one to go to if you're after a night of rum punch and music.
  • Diving
    There are plenty of dive sites around the island, and there's brilliant visibility on the east side of the island.

Best surf breaks in Barbados

  • South Point & Freights Bay
    These 2 breaks are on the most southern point of the island, breaking over coral reefs.
  • Soup Bowl
    This wave is located by Tent Bay in Bathsheba. It's known for intense, powerful barrels, great for manoeuvres and tricks.

Need more info? Check out the Magic Seaweed Report for Barbados.

Gyms and yoga studios in Barbados

  • CrossFit Gyms in Barbados
    There are 4 different CrossFit gyms in Bridgetown, Barbados.
  • Nordic Wellness
    Nordic Wellness, on the west coast, offers an open gym and a variety of classes.
  • Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio
    Most yoga studios are on the west side of the island. Sunshine Kula receives consistently good reviews, and they hold workshops as well as classes.

Shopping and groceries in Barbados

Grocery Stores

There are many grocery stores on Barbados, however most of the food is imported and slightly more expensive. Choosing local rice, vegetables and fish will help you budget. Massys and CostULess are 2 of the most popular. The fish market in Westin is also a great spot to buy local fish.

Health food stores

Body Restoration, on the West Coast, is one of the best places to buy supplements and health foods on Barbados.

Barbados FAQ

Visas for Barbados

The Barbados Welcome Stamp is a 12 month visa that costs $2,000USD. It takes 10 minutes to apply, and they offer options for families too. Read more about the digital nomad visa here. U.S citizens do not need a visa for stays of less than 6 months. Check out if you will need a visa for Barbados here.

Safety in Barbados

Barbados is a largely safe country for travelers, especially in populated areas. Petty theft and crime do happen so you should stay vigilant in crowded places. Homosexuality is still illegal in Barbados, and while this is being challenged by Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality, LGBTQ+ travelers may face some hostility.

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