An Instagrammer's Guide to Klosters, Switzerland

Explore the coffee shops, our coliving space and the beautiful Alps of Switzerland.

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December 23, 2018

Miranda has just checked out our first location in the Swiss Alps, and it's a beauty. Here's what she learned about this coliving space next to the ski fields...

Klosters was one of the most quaint and traditional villages I have ever visited. It was a mix of quiet small roads, log cabin buildings, the small local coffee shops, and mountain views that stole my heart! I could see this city for its adventure as well as its tranquility.

Upon arriving at the Zurich Airport you have quite a few options depending on the day and time you arrive! There is an airport shuttle that Klosters Davos offers every Saturday during the winter season (December-April) for CHF 140. There is also the train you can take from Zurich to Klosters Platz for a total of CHF 26.50. If taking the train you'll have 2 changes, one at Zurich HB and one at Landquart. You can also do the Swiss Travel Pass for unlimited travel by train, bus, and boat for 3 days for CHF 232. Or you can rent a car since Outsite offers 2 parking spaces right next to their location but be aware that gas prices are through the roof and isn't local transportation more fun anyway?!

Once you arrive to Klosters-Platz train station you will walk a mere 2 minutes to the tall red Outsite building! It is super easy and was kind of fun for us to get the key and take the elevator all the way up to the third floor, to what we found to be a heavenly work of art! You can store all your ski gear in the storage room on floor 1!

I stayed in room Parsenn and my friend stayed in Madrisa!  It was not until I arrived I saw the symmetry from the room names to the ski areas in Davos Klosters! They are perfectly named for what they are. Pischa being your free rider, Jakobshorn your freestyle, Parsenn the classic, and Madrisa and Rinerhorn being the bigger rooms of the two, also being more family friendly! See what I did there? Now you know more about which mountains to ski from! My favorite room was by far the Jakobshorn--I have not seen a more picturesque location in my life.  I could have taken photos in that room all day.

The kitchen was extremely spacious and since the three of us staying there got along so well we had family dinners together every night! There is even a deck in the common living space with views of the mountains and the city where I could enjoy my coffee or wine - depending on my mood! I just want to fly back and move in! I can't express to you through text just how amazing and perfectly designed this Outsite location is!

When it is time to get off the property, you have loads to choose from as far as winter fun goes! You can ski, snowboard, catch the early bird ski sessions, cross country, fat bike, take a winter torch trek, a snow shoe tour, build an igloo or go luging! The mountains are endless fun! If going skiing or snowboarding I would suggest getting the regional ski pass for CHF 75.00 that way you can check out all 6 ski areas. If there is one mountain in particular you have your eye on then you can also choose to purchase the mountain ski pass for a lesser price. Don't worry if you forgot your equipment, you can easily rent everything you need from skis to the classic schlitteln (sled). I also think It could be fun for a big Outsite group to go in on a group ski or snowboard lesson as they have all types of lessons available for all skill levels!

My favorite coffee shop in Klosters was Kaffee Klatsch Klosters, right down the road past the Coop. They were very friendly, had the cutest vibes to work in or just to enjoy your latte and desserts. I also found myself at the Coop a lot to grab fresh produce and foods to cook for everyone in Outsite! Of course if you do not want to cook during your time away from home then you'll find plenty of restaurants and local bars in the area to enjoy after a long day on the slopes! Don't worry about how long you are out either, because the streets are lit up with Christmas lights leading you to wherever you want to go :)!

Something you should look up before going is their festivals and celebrations. If you go onto the Davos Klosters website you can see specific events for each day! I felt so grateful to have walked around town on December 8th during my stay. As I was petting all the dogs on the streets I saw a huge stack of firewood that I could only assume they were going to light! I asked a local and she said it was the Sächsi Schällätä! Of course I ran back to Outsite, grabbed my two friends and dragged them over to the fire! A wild man ran in yelling lighting the wood pile with his torch. All the local families walked together towards the flames, grabbed the classic Glühwein (mulled wine) and watched as the traditional festival took place. Women led in men with bells called Plumpna and circled the flames as they grew. A local band played and even Santa made a visit for the children to ask him questions! It was by far my favorite night in Klosters. The reason for this event was to welcome in the winter season! And the coolest part about that was when I woke up the next morning it was snowing!

Klosters grew even more beautiful with that snow and as we drove to the airport leaving Klosters behind us, I was already planning my next trip back to Outsite!

Outsite Klosters is no longer open. Check out our coliving lodge in Lake Tahoe, California.

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